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Starting Your Own Complementary Currency System

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Here we provide a set of free resources that you can use to conceive, design, implement, analyze and improve any kind of complementary currency system.

In partnership with, Qoin Foundation we provide consulting services in designing, implementing and improving any kind of complementary currency system. In order to reduce your costs, please make use of these materials and complete them in advance of seeking consulting assistance.

If you wish to start a new complementary currency system, we ask you to download and fill out a brief Community Assessment form, to give us as much information about you, your group, and your community as possible. We would also like to know what type of system you are thinking of starting, and this Guide to Starting a New Complementary Currency System is very helpful. It would be very beneficial if you were also to fill out the more detailed Situation Assessment form as well, to give us a very clear idea about your proposed program. You may also want to consider doing a Community Economic Mapping project.

If you need assistance with improving an existing Local Currency System, we ask you to send us a detailed description and analysis of your system to us at info@qoin.org. This should include the Community Assessment form and Situation Assesment form, as well as your own analysis of the community and what program you would like to improve or implement. Also, see the Method for Assessing the Operations of a Complementary Currency System.

Our Solutions

We provide banking-grade payments solutions for neighbourhoods, communities, towns, cities and regions to implement their own parallel complementary currency system. Our team has many decades of experience in designing, implementing, monitoring and improving many different models and tokenomies of complementary currency systems.

We Use Cyclos, A Modern, Award-Winning*
Banking-Standard Software Platform
and App

Let people find each other and
exchange what they have for what they need
using a unique complementary currency.

See the demo
*Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2014 E-payment Innovation Award WINNER

Why Should You Use Our Platform?

Our decades of experience combined with best-in-class software make Qoin the leading design and implementation organization in the complementary currency field.

From a loyalty program for small businesses, a currency for a neighbourhood marketplace, a local crowdfunding platform, a time-exchange network, Cyclos can handle it all.

However, it takes funding, a good leader and team, clear and open governance and a supportive community to make it successful.

Does your community have this? If so, let's begin.

Focus On Your Community

Save time with a multitude of styled components designed to showcase your content

Save Development Time & Cost

Construct mockups or production-ready pages in-browser with Variant Page Builder

Receive Ongoing Support

Take comfort in 6 months included support with a dedicated support forum

Our decades of experience worldwide together with international-standard banking software are the key to success when implementing a complementary currency.

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